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In terms of visas, Australia has a very strict immigration law governed and regulated by the Australian Department of Immigration, the Department of Immigration & BorderProtection. Whatever your intention, visit Australia for tourism, study in Australia, move to Australia permanently as a qualified migrant, come to Australia with your partner, join family members or invest in or do business in Australia, requesting a visa is always mandatory. The type and subclass of visa itself change based on what you want to do.

Permanent as a qualified migrant, coming to Australia with your partner, reaching your family or investing or doing business in Australia, visa application is always mandatory. The type and subclass of visa itself change based on what you want to do.

When you intend to move to Australia to live, work, study, invest or do business in Australia, the first step is to understand how the immigration laws apply to your case and have an expert advise on how to move forward with the most suitable visa for your situation. Australian immigration laws are subject to frequent changes and the privilege of being able to obtain a permanent residence visa for Australia today may no longer be valid within a few months. This is why it is important to be followed at all stages by a registered immigration agent whose job it is to study the laws and identify the most suitable visa subclasses to move to Australia.


A registered MARA immigration agent is one who has the skills and qualifications recognized and admitted by Australia to carry out the visa application most suitable for a temporary or permanent transfer. Our MARA agents take care of studying the immigration laws and, based on the specific case, they identify the visa and the path most suited to the needs and projects of the individual case. There are hundreds of visa subclasses for Australia and visas are subject to continuous changes by the Australian Department of Immigration. The work of our registered MARN agents consists in analyzing the concrete case, understanding how to solve the problem before applying for the visa, carrying out the visa application and maintaining an active and constant relationship with the Australian embassy and the immigration department. Your only concern will have to be to relocate because our registered Migration Agents will take care of the rest.


Agente MARA registrato

Australia Legal is an International Migration Agency made up of Registered Immigration Agents at the MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) and Education Agents registered with the PIER (Professional International Education Resources) an Australian body that recognizes education agents. . Our services for transfer to Australia are customized on a migration planning dedicated to the single person, family or company that wants to move to Australia. The Australian immigration laws are subject to frequent changes and to be updated and able to identify the visa and the path most suited to their needs is the key to achieving their goal. The first approach with the Australian reality is as exciting as it is delicate and starting with the wrong foot can make the next steps complicated, turning integration into a slow and above all expensive process.

Our Certifications

In addition to being registered MARA Immigration Agents since 2013, in Australia Legal we are also registered as Education Agents. The guarantee of having a double service allows you to be followed on everything with the knowledge that doing so is the same agency.

The role of the education agent is to advise and directly enroll in the course for the student and then apply for a visa through our registered MARA agent who is present in our office. Using an education agent is very important as our assistance saves time and effort in choosing and registering for the course (As registered education agents we represent schools for all types of courses and in all Australian cities). Based on the starting information you provide, we will also guide you in choosing the most suitable city, the type of course (English course, professional VET or university course) and which school or institution to choose with reference to quality, costs and nationality mix of students present in the classroom.