The sponsorship visa allows a worker and his family to enter or stay in Australia and work for an employer in Australia. A sponsored visa can last up to a maximum of four years (renewable) and grants the possibility of becoming a permanent resident after three years of work. In other cases, it is instead possible to request a sponsor-type visa that allows permanent residence to be obtained immediately.

There are four major sponsor visa subclasses planned by the Australian immigration department:

BOX 1 – Visa 482 Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa (482 visa)

The 482 visa is the most common sponsor type visa in Australia. A visa of this type is required as long as there is an employer, Australian or foreign, whose intention is to let their employees work in Australia.
To apply for a 482 visa it is necessary to show that you have at least 2 or 3 years of work experience in the sector for which the sponsor is offered and have an English level of at least 5 in the IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, CAE test. The employer and visa applicant meet a number of requirements imposed by the Australian immigration department. In any case it will be necessary for the company to be recognized as a sponsorship and for the work to be carried out to be present on the specific lists of the Australian government.

BOX 2 –Employer Nomination Scheme – Sub-class sponsor Visa 186
The sponsorship visa subclass 186 is a work visa, again of a sponsorship type. which in some cases may be of immediate permanent residence (unlike subclass 482 which requires at least two years of work to be able to obtain it). The elements of the law to apply for the visa of employer nomination scheme are rather complex and in some cases more severe than the request for a 482 sponsor type visa. A 186 visa may require the recognition of the compulsory profession and also the level of English, demonstrable by the IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge CAE test or Pearson Test PTE test, may be higher in the case of a 186 visa than a sponsor visa 482.

BOX 3 – Regional Sponsored Skilled Migration Scheme (RSMS) – Regional Skilled Visa

The RSMS visa is a work visa that grants permanent residence immediately. Also in this case it is necessary that the visa applicant receives a job offer from a company that must be located in an area recognized as regional by the Australian immigration department. In the case of a work visa sponsorship RSMS the level of English may be lower than that required for the visa type 186.

BOX 4 Temporary Work Specialized temporary work visa

A specialized work visa is a work visa that has a short duration, normally of three months or six months. The duration and the granting of the visa depend on the type of work to be carried out in Australia and on the characteristics of the person who will be working.


Whether for a company or an employee, it is not easy to understand which visa is best suited to work in Australia. Depending on the individual situation and the needs of the individual case, our registered immigration agents will be able to analyze the individual situation to carefully understand which sponsorship visa is best suited to your case.

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